Welcome in the universe of Zodia

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Hi there, I’m Bernhard Elberg.

You might have heard of Zodia. That organisation has started to kill carefully selected people around the globe a couple of months ago. Why do they do that? Well let’s says that they try to do what most governments or public institutions can’t afford to achieve: put a stop on some of the most dangerous individuals in the world and bring a sense of justice to those that might seem untouchable.

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I’m a big admirer of Zodia’s work. I’ve been made aware of their action since some police officers in Nigeria talked about how BLABLABLA. As the chief of police kindly said in the local press:

I don’t know who those guys are but they might have committed a crime everybody wanted to be committed.

Is Zodia right or wrong? Why do they do what they’re invested in doing? How are they organised? Who are the men and women behind it? How do they select their targets?  I don’t know much yet… But I am very interested in following their whereabouts and I will share all of my information through this website.



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