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Zodia kills people. It’s death, with its long scythe, taking lives carefully selected by Gods. Who leads the organisation? How is it organised? How does it judge absolutely? Does it condemn itself absolutely too? This is up to you to uncover all this.

What I know is that the Z pin is their fabric. Their proud signature stamped next to each of their stunt. A yellow Z letter on a circle, half way between Zorro and the Anarchy symbol. A shining beacon of hope.

Because Zodia is starting to raise hope. For those who despaired. About the powerful, the intouchables, the richest among the richest, the usual criminals, the ones who pull triggers. Zodia doesn’t just kill anyone. It kills anyone who deserve it most.

From my information, the assassinations they’ve organised targeted some of the worst human beings on this planet. And so the word spread. The organisation became a legend. In a matter of months.

Few information filtered… But I gathered them all. They are knights, with names taken from stars constellations. There was an old Japanese manga which had the same storytelling… It must have inspired them… I guess there must be bronze knights, silver knights and gold knights then, same as the anime. But who’s in charge? Who started it? How are they funded? It seems it is as much a mystery to me as it is for most of the governments.

Zodia kills people. No one knows for sure if we should be glad and thankful, or worried, concerned, afraid… But everybody’s trying to find out who they are and why they do it. This website will give you clues.